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S  P  A  C  E  S  A  T

Spacesat is fully insured and we specialize in Communal Satellite systems for DStv
Spacesat is a Multichoice Accreddited DStv Installations Company

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Spacesat is a young vibrant company that is customer focused.We understand the need for good, quality, reliable service and we offer you just that.We offer services from DStv Installations to Dstv upgrades and Dstv Maintenance. We offer service level agreements to townhouse complexes, guest houses and hotels and we repair your DStv and OVHD within 24 hours. Spacesat is situated in Gauteng and operates in most of Johanneburg

Spacesat was founded in March 2006 to apply our sound technical knowledge and skill in the satellite and security industries.The owner has been an electronics communications practioner for the last 20 years and has extensive experience in DStv installations and Communal Satellite Repairs and installation. Spacesat has grown from working after hours at home to being Multichoice Accredited.

Spacesat has proudly met all of multichoices requirements since its inception and has subsequently passed the stringent accreditation process

DStv Installations and services that we offer

    • DStv Installations
    • Pvr Upgrades
    • DStv Maintenance
    • Dstv Dish Alignments
    • Tv Aerial Installations
    • Communal Satellite Dishinstallations & Maintenance
    • Communal Tv Aerial
    • Digital Terrestrial Upgrades ( DTT )
    • HD Signal distribution- High Definition distributed over cat5/cat6 and Coax
    • Xtra View Upgrades& installations
    • SLA - Service Level Agreements
    • Installationof DStv



Satellite Dish Options

We offer various brands and sizes of satellite dishes.When having your dstv installed you should consider the size and brand of the dish.
Due to the competitive market,cheap chinese mild steel satellite dishes are used for most dstv installations. There are good quality satellite dishes available on request. If your budget allows,we recommend the visiosat or televes dishes. A little pricy but well worth the investment.

Xtra View

Xtra View is a product launched by Multichoice and involves the installation of 3 decoders to give you a multiview view option. Initially launched to offer dual view, you can now add up to 3 decoders. For 3 way Xtra view, only the newest available decoders can be used and in any combination. You can have up to 3 exploras or 3 std hd decoders or any combination of the 2

HD Signal Distribution

Hd Signal was generally distributed used Cat6 Cable. The HD converters had min ranges from about 30m up to about 120m and was brand dependant

As the technology improved, Hd over Coax is now available as  well but your tv’s should have built in digital tuners. Where digital tuners are not available on the TV, external tuners can be installed


HDMI Matrix

HDMI Matrix allows multiple HD devices to connect to an Hdmi splitter and then that signal can be distributed over Cat 6.

If 3 HD decoders, 1 x Playstation and a Blueray player are installed through a matrix and that signal is distributed to 4 rooms then those 4 rooms can choose to view any of the 5 devices.

Essentially, A matrix is an HDMI Splitter with multiple HD Inputs

They generally come in 4x4 , 8x8, 16x16 …

A 4x4 HD Matrix translates into 4 HD Inputs and 4 HD Outputs

HDMI-over CAT6

Office Network wiring

We offer wired and wireless network application for SOHO. We can fully wire your offices, setup your network, network printers and PC’s

We can setup your internet and supply you with the routers and switches required

We supply all ethernet hardware and can beam your office network to your home if you have line of site and within range of the equipment. The basic equipment used can beam your network up to 15km away but you need line of site.

A diagram of this process is below